To begin, we’re building personalized websites for scientists that will allow them to highlight the interesting and important Big Questions behind their work. Each site will:

  • Showcase the scientist’s specific research interests
  • Be customized to meet the particular needs of each individual researcher
  • Have a cutting edge design and provide an intuitive user experience
  • Require no technical expertise to manage and update
  • Have content optimized for search engines
  • Be compatible with the broadest range of browsers and operating systems.
  • Be easily integrated with blogs and social networking sites


We believe that a clear and compelling presentation of scientific ideas online will make it easier for the public to engage life’s Big Questions and ultimately develop a richer, more robust understanding of the universe and the world around them.

  • ScienceSites did amazing work for me. They were easy to work with, able to customize my site to my precise preferences, and offered great advice throughout the whole process. They immediately increased my visibility online and have made it easier for me to get my research out to the world.
    Adam Waytz, psychologist and assistant professor of management and organizations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • I had a great experience working with Science Sites, Inc. to create a new website. They brought an excellent design aesthetic and technological platform to the project, as well as infinite patience for the many revisions and changes I came up with. I would definitely recommend them to scientists looking to update their web presence (and already have to several of my colleagues).
    David Rand, Assistant professor of psychology, economics & management, Yale University
  • Working with ScienceSites was a great pleasure. They were incredibly helpful and easy to work with and designed the site exactly the way I asked. They also provided great guidance during the site’s development. In all it was a great experience. I am very proud of the new website and feel that it reflects my work and ideas in a powerful way.
    Andrew Newburg, Professor and director of research, Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital
  • Working with Marc and Heather at Science Sites has been a dream come true! Their dual expertise in science journalism and web design make them the perfect "go to" people for scientists looking to share their work with society at large. They quickly helped me shape my work and ideas into an easily navigable yet sophisticated website. I would recommend Science Sites to any colleagues without hesitation.
    David Desteno, Professor of psychology, Northeastern University
  • Science Sites provides a dedicated design team and user-friendly platform for helping me to disseminate my research more effectively, both to other scientists and to the general public. Science Sites allows me to now have a functional, attractive site that requires almost no work on my end. All in all, it's a perfect solution for those of us researchers who would rather spend our time doing research than dealing with code.
    Will Gervais, Evolutionary and cultural psychologist, University of Kentucky
  • The website created for me by Science Sites has proven to be a fabulous venue for me to communicate the essence of my scholarly work with people who don't read academic journals. The site is well-done and professional, and I simply could not have asked for a better medium for presenting my work to the world.
    Ryan Brown, Associate professor of social psychology, The University of Oklahoma
  • ScienceSites has created an excellent site that allows viewers to get a very good sense of my work and the questions that I'm addressing in my lab. Academics often have neither the time nor the skills to make their research accessible to the broader public, and ScienceSites is filling this important gap.
    Robert Kurzban, Associate professor of psychology, University of Pennsylvania