Undoubtedly, climate change is a real phenomenon and our planet is warming rapidly. Due to climate change, many changes in weather patterns have been noticed across the world. Many studies and climate scientists have shown a fearsome forecast of climate change. However, climatologist Richard Somerville offers hopeful outlook for the planet’s worsening conditions.

Richard Somerville, a climatologist and professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, has noticed a glimmer of light amid climate change’s depressing predictions. On Thursday, the professor will have a discussion at University of California, San Diego, on global warming.

Earth’s temperature is rising continuously and many regions on the planet are experiencing ill-effects of global warming, but it doesn’t mean conditions cannot be improved, said Somerville. It’s a serious issue, but not a gloom and doom issue, he added. Somerville believes the world has realized that climate change is happening and steps that different nations are taking to deal with it are in the right direction.