Science Sites, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to engaging the public in science through the online dissemination of research, with an emphasis on studies concerning life’s Big Questions. We are committed to ensuring that members of the public have easier access to the wealth of important, far-reaching, and provocative research seeking to explain the world as we know—and explore—it.

To achieve these goals, we develop platforms to support the compelling treatment of scientific ideas online. We work directly with scientists at the top of their field to build state-of-the-art, user-friendly websites that allow them to reach new audiences and better communicate with the public. And then we help them publicize their work much more broadly and effectively than before by taking advantage of all the benefits the digital age has to offer.

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The ScienceSites team reflects a unique blend of editorial experience, science journalism, communication skills, design expertise, technological proficiency, and a deep understanding of web-based content strategy.

Even better, we really enjoy what we do.

Marc is a journalist and content strategist who has made the leap from print to web. A former newspaper writer and science magazine editor, he spent several years working as a consultant and project manager on major website development initiatives and is now fully engaged in facilitating the communication of scientific information to the general public.
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Heather is a journalist and blogger whose work has appeared in national and international publications. She has also edited features for a number of magazines and websites, and specializes in helping scientists and academics write about their work for a general audience.
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MARTIN FERRINI, Design & Development
Marty is the founder and principal at fledglingdesign, a Petaluma-based digital media company specializing in design consultation, project management, and website design & development. Equal parts artsy and nerdy, Marty is as at ease with code as he is with colors, fonts, and images.




PAUL DAVIES, Academic Adviser
Paul is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astrobiologist, and best-selling author at Arizona State University. He is the director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, the co-director of the ASU Cosmology Initiative, and the principal investigator at the Center for Convergence of Physical Science and Cancer Biology.