Our process minimizes the time investment required from the researcher and results in a website that can be maintained and updated without the use of custom code or advanced technical proficiency. We do, however, offer content management services as well as a suite of editorial services that researchers can choose to take advantage of moving forward.

It's as easy as:


Design Your Website

We offer a variety of options as we create a custom website for you—tailored to your individual needs, easy to update, and featuring responsive design for mobile devices.

Enjoy the freedom and visibility that come with a personalized web presence


Share Your Research

Once your website is designed, choose the aspects of your work you want to highlight, and we'll help you present your materials in a clear, compelling, web-friendly way.

Shape the way your ideas are communicated to the public


Raise Your Profile

After your website launches, we ensure it is optimized for search engines and we work with you to make the best use of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Reach more people and connect with a broader audience